Facing the prospect of foreclosure can be overwhelming, but less so if you know your other options. Homeowners with distressed loans often ignore their alternatives to foreclosure until it’s too late. Don’t make that mistake. Consider your other options right away. The more time you have before you ultimately lose your home through foreclosure, the more viable your other options may be. Things may seem bleak, but now is not the time to falter. Knowledge and determination will give you the resolution you need to overcome the financial challenges you face.

WHAT IS FORECLOSURE? Foreclosure is the legal process for a mortgage lender to sell property to satisfy a defaulting borrower’s debt secured by that property. Foreclosure can take quite a toll on homeowners, both emotionally and financially. Depending on your circumstances, foreclosure may force you and your family out of your home, damage your credit, increase your tax liability, and expose you to other personal liability.